The Pendemic - far more than just a pen!

Pens are one of the most widely used products in the world. Even though we live in a tech-savvy age of smartphones and laptops, we all have a pen lying around in our cars, handbags and homes ready to take notes or scribble down phone numbers.

So what’s so special about The Pendemic? Why is this the pen we should all be carrying?


The Pendemic is far more than your average disposable ball-point pen – it’s an all-in-one pen with refillable liquid sanitiser dispenser designed specifically for people to use on the go.

The Pendemic is innovative, and its design is cool and contemporary. It’s a product born out of necessity, that seamlessly combines the ability to write, button-press and sanitise in one smart swoop, right at your fingertips.

The world has changed a lot this year

In a few short months, our world has changed completely. COVID-19 has affected us all, and we are now living a “new normal” that would have seemed alien a year ago. Thankfully, as each day passes, new things are learnt about the coronavirus and how we can prevent its spread. But what we do know, what the media, health authorities and governments advise us to do daily, is to sanitise to stop the spread of the virus.


It’s the need to sanitise that prompted Fiona Champion, a working mum from London, to create The Pendemic. The idea initially came from India, where a young schoolboy called Abhay wanted to make sanitising in the classroom a habit amongst his friends. Abhay’s story inspired Fiona. Having a school-age son herself, she knew how hard it was to persuade him to sanitise his hands at home, let alone remember to stay safe and take precautions at school. A pen with a sanitiser spray seemed an ingenious answer. A compact product that combines a pen, sanitiser spray and fits easily in a kids pocket or pencil case would be a reminder right at his fingertips.

The Pendemic Pen


You may think a pen is just a pen, but then you would be wrong. The Pendemic is far more than your average pen – it’s a practical and affordable tool you can use to write, push buttons and sanitise your hands and environment.

The Pendemic is a product we should all be carrying in our pockets, school bags, briefcases or have lying around in our offices or receptions for people to use. It’s the ideal present or stocking filler, giveaway gift to clients, addition to your home, or pen for your child or high-risk family member. The Pendemic is a smart answer and a convenient way to help battle the chaos and risks we encounter in today’s ever-changing society.

The Pendemic sanitiser spray pen


The Pendemic has many features and benefits as it can be used in three main ways:

Write: The Pendemic comes with either blue or black ink and offers a comfortable, smooth writing experience. It is ergonomically designed to provide the same comfortable grip as a normal pen – plus its modern shape and attractive exterior make it super looking!

Press: Punch in PINs at the cashpoint or press lift buttons with the end of The Pendemic. Don’t put yourself at risk by touching frequently used places, use The Pendemic to spray them then key-in the numbers and buttons for you.

Spray: The refillable capsule at the end of The Pendemic can produce up to 60 handy squirts of liquid sanitiser. Use the spray on your hands and door handles, laptops, phones, railings and any other high-contact places. On receiving The Pendemic, unscrew the cartridge and top up the capsule with your own choice of product. The Pendemic is designed to have a long lifespan, not merely tossed once empty, thereby it’s far better for the environment.

By now, you should be convinced that The Pendemic makes sense. This sanitiser spray pen is ideal for the entire family and can be purchased singularly, as a gift pack or on wholesale order.

If you would like to know more about The Pendemic, or would like to place a bulk order or personalise it, please CONTACT US or head over to THE PENDEMIC SHOP.