The Pendemic is a multi-purpose sanitiser spray pen, and what makes it so special is that it can be used in a multitude of ways. Sure, at first glance it looks like a super-looking ballpoint pen, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see The Pendemic is no normal pen - it’s a button-pusher and liquid dispenser as well.

We have all been told that cleaning and sanitising is a first-line defence against germs and viruses like COVID-19. In today’s challenging environment, we all need to take precautions to limit risks to both ourselves and others. The Pendemic is an innovative and portable tool you can carry with you at all times, making it a practical and intelligent product to tackle the risks we face in today's challenging society.

The Pendemic sanitiser spray pen

12 Genius Ways to use The Pendemic.

1. Take down notes and sign documents. OK, let’s start with the obvious, The Pendemic is a quality ballpoint pen, so scribbling down numbers and taking notes is a doddle. It comes with blue or black ink and writes smoothly, just like a normal pen. The nib is a modern twist-down design with a comfortable grip, and the ink refills supplied mean The Pendemic is far more environmentally friendly and not a throwaway product.

2. Press buttons on high-contact places. Don’t put yourself at risk by touching frequently used surfaces. Spray them with your Pendemic sanitiser spray first, then use the top of The Pendemic to key in numbers at cashpoints or on public phones, press lift and elevator buttons, or ring doorbells.

3. Sanitise door handles and bannisters. Germs and viruses can last for days on metal and chrome surfaces. Door handles, handrails and balustrades are used frequently, so protect yourself by giving them a quick spray with your Pendemic sanitiser before using them.

4. Fill in Track and Trace forms. Don’t use the pens supplied at restaurants, airports, businesses and beauty salons, pop The Pendemic in your pocket or handbag and pull it out as necessary to fill in any documents.

Stay safe with The Pendemic sanitiser spray pen

5. Sanitise tables at fast food outlets, eateries and coffee shops. Germs and viruses can be picked up from contact with contaminated surfaces. Take an extra precaution by giving public tables and surfaces a spray of sanitiser before touching them.

6. Spray supermarket trolley handles. Are you heading off to do the weekly shop? If so, take The Pendemic with you to spray supermarket trolley and basket handles.

7. Clean your computer keyboard, screen and mouse. Most of us have a pen lying around in our offices to jot down notes, so why not make it a clever pen like The Pendemic? Spray your laptop, keyboard and mouse with the sanitiser to free them from germs and leave them with a dust-free shine.

8. Remove stains from your whiteboard. Are you struggling to remove the marker stains from your whiteboard? Fill The Pendemic with some alcohol-based sanitiser, spray it on and then wipe down to see the stains disappear.

9. Clean your glasses. Get a wipe and remove fingerprints and dust from your  glasses with a little of your Pendemic sanitiser spray.

10. Take the itch out of bug bites. Mosquito and bug bites are a pest, but a squirt of alcohol-based sanitiser helps take the itch away. Better still, if you're heading abroad on holiday, top up The Pendemic liquid cartridge with insect repellent to have it handy whilst you're out and about.

11. Spot-remedy. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a zit or pimple about to erupt. Pull The Pendemic out of your bag and dab a little of the alcohol-based sanitiser on the area, and it should dry it right up.

12. Replace the sanitiser with perfume or cologne. One of the main benefits of The Pendemic is that the refillable barrel can be filled with almost any liquid product of choice. Fill it up with your favourite scent to have it handy any time you want to freshen up.

The Pendemic sanitiser spray pen



By now, many of you will already have The Pendemic at hand. We are always interested to hear your feedback on our product. Please comment below or on THE PENDEMIC FACEBOOK PAGE and let us know how you use your Pendemic.


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